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Hans Stoisser
Foto: Jürgen Sturany

Hans Stoisser is founder and Managing Partner of ECOTEC with long lasting experiences in emerging countries

His company ECOTEC has since been engaged in upgrading institutional infrastructure projects in Austria, Bulgaria, Palestine, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Cape Verde. Additionally, ECOTEC has supported endeavors by Austrian companies, focused on expanding to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola and Mozambique.

Hans Stoisser is an official partner of Malik Management and provides management trainings in Austria, Brazil, South Africa and Mozambique. He has been CMC® – Certified Management Consultant and Licensed Content Associate Management 3.0.




Johannes Fiedler

Johannes Fiedler, co-founder of ECOTEC, managing partner until 1999.

Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning – Technical university of Graz (Austria); Dissertation on “topics of global urbanization”; publications; lecturing activities. As an architect and urban planner he has worked in Brazil, Cape Verde, Lebanon, Mozambique, Palestine, South Africa. More than 30 years of expertise in “global urbanization” has made him to an internationally renown speaker and lecturer.