1st July 2020, 16-18.15 CEST:

Online-Workshop Part 2:
Silicon Savannah – Why real needs make up a different digital transformation

The mobile revolution in the 2000s showed the Western world something previously unknown: communication is a basic human need and enabling it can trigger a surge in economic development. Today we see in the Silicon Savannah hotspot new digital innovations that are not blocked by old technologies or oversized vested interests. In fact, we see a digital transformation closer to human needs.

Why this Online-Workshop?

To get quick and profound insights into Kenya’s business opportunities through direct interaction with local players.

During this master class we

  • put in context the ecosystem Silicon Savannah in Kenya
  • explain and describe several successful business cases in detail
  • learn why “African” digital innovations develop closer to human needs
  • and discover that African-European collaborations are not yet exploiting data-driven approaches.

This 2-hour master class is moderated by Maryanne Akoth and Hans Stoisser, both co-founders of NextAfrica. We will directly broadcast from Vienna and Nairobi.

Who is attending?

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in African markets
  • Entrepreneurs who are already active on the continent but are still looking for new business models and opportunities
  • People who are interested and wonder what a future-oriented African-European collaboration could look like.


1st July 2020, 16-18.15 CEST

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Welcome and introductionMaryanne Akoth and Hans Stoisser, Co-Founders NextAfrica
The ecosystem of Silicon Savannah: An entrepreneur’s insighttbc
The ‘data’ question and Kenyan SME’sMercy Njue, Co-Founder ‘BotLab’
The ‘old’ with the ‘new’ – Basic technology driving a modern Africatbc
The Kenyan Ecosystem – What tech innovation is really happening?Jimmy Mwang’ondi, Group Head, CSquared
Conclusions, call-to-action, next steps

How much?

With these events, we want to bring together purpose-driven organizations from Europe and Africa to collaborate and co-create.

The price for one part of this Online-Workshop series is EUR 120,– plus 20% VAT.
The price for all three parts of this Online-Workshop series is EUR 200,– plus 20% VAT.

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