The dragon reaching the Savannah – A Business Breakfast

12/10/2018, 8am to 10am, WU Executive Academy, Vienna

A business breakfast with Madara Ogot from Nairobi about China's engagement in East Africa and Europe's chances to catch up again.

A business breakfast to catch as an outcome of our “Learning Journeys to Silicon Savannah”:

The dragon reaching the Savannah – Chinese engagement in East Africa and what Europeans can learn from it

In only 20 years, China today has become the #1 trade partner and #1 infrastructure financier in Africa. Chinese investments in Africa are four times higher than U.S. American or German investments in the region. Moreover, the Chinese state capitalism has emerged as an attractive role model for African countries.

But recently China has stumbled into heavy criticism. Especially the allegation, to have set up debt traps.

Are we going to see a backlash for China in Africa? Is there a new role Europeans could play on their neighboring continent?

In his talk, Prof. Madara Ogot, University of Nairobi, will outline the current state of Chinese engagement in East Africa. And he will focus on what role Europe can play in Africa and what African leaders expect from Europe.

Professor Madara Ogot

Prof. Madara Ogot is the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Director of Research and Extension at the University of Nairobi, as well as Research Lead at the Living Lab, a co-creative space for researchers and experts who have a common interest in sustainable urban change. 


Friday, October 12th

8.00am  Registration

8.15am  Opening
ao Univ.Prof. Dr. Barbara Stöttinger, Dean, WU Executive Academy
Hans Stoisser, Ecotec, organizer of “Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah”

The dragon reaching the Savannah – Chinese engagement in East Africa and what Europeans can learn from it, Professor Madara Ogoth

9.00am Discussion

9.45am closing



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